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29 Mar Indian traditions and customs
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NAMASKAR or NAMASTEIt is the sign of greeting to welcome someone and also say goodbye to them. When doing Namaskar or Namaste, the two palms of the hands are joined and placed on the face. The belief is that the two hands symbolize the spirit or ..
29 Mar Religions in India
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80% of the population is Hindu, 11% Muslims and the rest are Sik, Christian and Buddhist, Jain, etc ...Several of the "great" religions originate in India, including Hinduism and Buddhism. Some religions are unique to India such as Sikhism which ..
29 Mar Our jewelry in sterling silver and natural stones
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The story behind the creation of our real silver jewelry The Art Monie India jewelry store mainly offers real silver jewelry set with various natural stones, 100% handmade jewelry in India, created, manufactured and sold in a fair trade logic. Thes..
29 Mar Travel to India through our Indian products
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India has become the capital of jewelry, for some time it has been recognized for its handcrafted products. It can be seen that more than 40% of the stones are cut in India, especially in Jaipur. Art Monie India, specialist in jewelry and natural s..
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