80% of the population is made up of Hindus, 11% Muslims and the rest are minorities like Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains etc.

Several of the "great" religions originated in India, including Hinduism and Buddhism. Some religions are specific to India such as Sikhism which represents 2% of the Indian population and Jains who live all over the indian territory. They never go abroad to live. They are all renowned for their faith, their belief and their work. Sikhs are concentrated in the Punjab region in northern India.

In the country's history, religion has often played an important role, now recognized by law. It is an essential element in the life of the Indians, many men devote their lives to it. By entering the temples, you have the opportunity to regularly see Brahmins, Hindu priests, reciting their prayers or offerings something to holy places.
Brahmins are known for religious practice in India, the Indians invite them according to religious needs such as marriage, prayer for house purification and also prayers dedicated to the stars and zodiac signs. Brahmans are people recognized everywhere in India for this kind of practice, they are called upon without any hesitation by indians in there area.

Indian gods and goddesses

You may notice that Hinduism is by far the most practiced religion, considered one of the oldest religions in the world. It is actually said that it is not a religion but more a philosophy based on a vast belief tested for several centuries. There are thousands of gods and goddesses (it is even said that there are 33 million !) in the Hindu religion, the most famous of which is Ganesh with the head of an elephant. They venerate them according to their desires and especially on Wednesdays in India and Tuesday in south India, the day specifically dedicated to this god and also to the planet Mercury.

The deity of trinity in India

The three main gods that form the Hindu trinity are Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Shiva (destruction). Each divinity has its own temples and religious celebrations. In India, in each corner or quarters of the Hindus, there are several hundred temples including the temple of Shiva and his wife Parvati, Vishnu and his wife Laxmi, but only one temple is visited, the only official temple of Brahma which is found in Pushkar because of its history.

Indian beliefs and cows

The cow being sacred (considered as their mother) for Hindus, it is forbidden and unthinkable for them to eat it. When it comes to the Muslim religion, it is pork that is forbidden to eat even in India. Since the Hindu community has always been vegetarian, in their belief, animals should absolutely not be killed because each creature has a life. No one has the right to end their life. In the philosophy of the Hindus, reincarnation exists in various forms including animal depending on the acts of our lives.

Hindus believe in karma that would influence their reincarnation, either into a higher caste (good karma) or into an animal (bad karma). The lowest on the scale is the crow because it eats dead animals.

Castes in India

There are four caste groups: Brahmins (priests), Kshatriya (warriors), Vaishya (traders) and Shudra (ploughmen or untouchables). Jati (births) correspond to professional activities (weavers, potters, etc.) or sometimes ethnic ones.

Outcasts or untouchables are considered impure by other communities. These are social rites that date back millennia and which persist, despite the adoption in 1950 of the Modern Constitution which does not officially recognize the caste system.

Today, following the accessibility of education (more schools and more transport to go there), we can see a big change. The gap between the castes is less important in India, on the other hand certain trades remain in the community of certain castes.

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