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Your online jewelry store offers a wide selection of silver bracelets for women, all handmade in India. We work with craftsmen with unique know-how recognized around the world in the field of jewelry. Please find your right choice with our collection of sterlling silver bracelets, which are available with or without stones.

Our collection is full of superb bracelets in rhodium-plated and non-rhodium-plated silver, it has been imagined and developed to match your desires.

Our silver bracelets for women are made of 925 silver and various fine stones such as amethyst, topaz, garnet ..., bringing dynamism to these silver jewelry. They are easily worn for any occasion and day of the week.
The rhodium-plated silver bracelets, also set with zirconium oxide, are more refined for a dressier, more chic look, worn more for special occasions.

We have made it a point of honor to offer you quality silver bracelets at affordable prices. The natural stones set on it are the most beautiful effect and add something extra to your silver jewelry.

Find the bracelet that corresponds to your desire without or with stones!
You should know that we take as much pleasure in wearing a silver bracelet as in offering one, so come and discover our bracelets without further delay. Take the opportunity at the same time to browse our other collections of silver jewelry.

Model: BR-ARG-054
- Made by craftsmen specializing in white metal - Clasp: metal carabiner - Length of strap (clip included): 20.5cm approx - Strap width: 6mm approx..
Amethyst Indian Jewelry Silver Bracelet
New Out Of Stock
Model: BR-AM-2955A
- Composed of nine stones, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable bracelet. - Total length of bracelet :  22cm approx - Size of stone : 12mm x 8mm approx..
Model: BR-QUBLA-2955
- Bracelet in real silver 925/1000- Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA)- Composed of 8 round stones, faceted by hand, set on a solid silver frame. Adjustable bracelet.- Total length of the bracelet: 21cm approx- Size of the stone: - 12mm diameter approx - 15mm diameter approx..
Model: BR-AMB-02
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made up of 11 oval stones, cabochon, crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length of bracelet: approx 21cm - Stone Oval ..
Indian silver jewellery - Indian Citrine Bracelet
Out Of Stock
Model: BR-CI-02
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of ten oval stones, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable bracelet. - Total length of bracelet :  ..
Model: BR-GR-03
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of nine oval stones, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length of bracelet: 21...
Model: BR-PL-09
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made up of three stones two different shapes, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame.  Adjustable strap. - Total length of ..
Model: BR-ON-05
- Bracelet sterling silver 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of six square-shaped stones, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame  - Total length of bracelet: 20.5cm approx  - Size of stone: 17mm x 17mm approx..
Model: BR-QF-05
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of eight stone shapes and sizes, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length:&nbs..
Model: BR-TO-09
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made up of three stones two different forms, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length o..
Model: BRNF-AM-2151
- Round bangle bracelet in real 925/1000 silver, nickel free rhodium- Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA)- 3 amethyst stones set with claws, hand-cut in a rectangular shape, with 5 rows of 2 white zirconias on each side, set on the frame- Closed with two hooks on one side of the wrist- Diamet..
Model: BR-AMBC-01
- Silver Bracelet real 925/1000 - Made in Jaipur (INDIA), Created by Art Monie India and Indian artists - Composed of Chinese Amber, with orignal cut by hand, and silver beads - Bracelet length: 19.5cm approx adjustable 3cm - S..
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