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Metal jewelry - Bracelets, chains, necklaces ... - Indian crafts

Metal jewelry - Bracelets, chains, necklaces ... - Indian crafts

Large choice of Indian metal jewelry Man / Woman

A desire to offer or afford a jewel, but your budget is rather limited, do not panic, Art Monie India has thought of you. The steel jewel is the perfect solution.

Enter today the opportunity to get beautiful Indian metal jewelry, handmade jewelry at great prices.

Our quantities are limited, there will not be for everyone.

Steel is a real alternative to money for small budgets. We offer a wide selection of Indian steel jewelry collections made with the expertise of our metal craftsmen. You will find rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, as well as chains. You will be able to compose your pendents set. The earrings are anti allergy treated. Compared to traditional jewelry, fancy jewelery is very light to wear.

Three cities are known for making metal jewelry in India.

Hyderabad is known for 100% handmade work, the craftsmen of this city make a lot of jewelry in metal and gold.

The second city is Agra, the city of Taj Mahal. For twenty years during the Mughal period, this city became the capital of India. Many artisans have come to settle, it has become one of the most important cities for the manufacture of silver and metal jewelry.

The third largest city is Jaipur, known around the world for the stones and craftsmanship of craftsmen handed down from generation to generation for the manufacture of gold, silver and metal jewelery.

Jewelry fashioned by Indian craftsmen specializing in Metal

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