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An Indian and original decoration to embellish your interior

An Indian and original decoration to embellish your interior

Choose a unique style to decorate your home

India being a source of inspiration for lovers of interior decoration, you can discover the style suited to your desires thanks to the items offered on our online store Art Monie India. The vibrant and captivating colors will offer contrasting shades in harmony.


Discover the art of beautifying your home with our carefully crafted and selected items. These handcrafted and hand-painted products are made with natural pigments for very detailed and worked designs, such as vases or marble clocks. The items are also embellished with gold leaf and glass beads of various shades, which look great with the whole structure.


The marble from Rajasthan, you will benefit from an exceptional quality of the raw material. It will certainly appeal to your interior and the items will go perfectly with an ethnic style, offering a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Choose a decoration that evokes India


Country of warm colors, create a universe with a pleasant atmosphere to live in a unique world that belongs to you. Revisit your interior style up to date with an Indian decor with emblematic objects that recall the spirit of this country with its traditions and customs.


The interior decoration represents your personalized style and thanks to this you will be able to appropriate these articles to express your state of mind. Guaranteeing a change of scenery, the ethnic style from India will be ideal for you to travel with these chic objects to have in your home.


Combine different objects from elsewhere with the style of our online store Art Monie India to obtain a guaranteed effect of travel around the world by incorporating an Indian decoration in your home. Also find all the models available to offer your decoration uniqueness and unquestioned originality that will certainly delight your guests.


Appreciate now this exceptional craft: the care of the decorations, the delicacy of the stone work. All this done by Indian craftsmen from Rajasthan, a work that has become a passion passed down from generation to generation. If you like certain pieces, don't wait too long. Indeed, they are all unique pieces, so it would be a shame to miss one of them and let other people enjoy.


Marble is a rock derived from limestone, existing in a wide variety of colors, which can have veins, or mottles (due to inclusions of metal oxides, most often). marble is due to its strong ability to exchange thermal energy with its environment.


The most famous marble monument in India: The Taj Mahal in Agra (Crown Palace)

The Taj Mahal was constructed using materials from various regions of India and the rest of Asia. More than 1,000 elephants were used to transport construction materials during the construction. White marble was extracted from Rajasthan and 28 types of polychrome fine or ornamental stones were used to compose the patterns inlaid in the marble.


Indian decoration: Indian Vases in Marble - Ball shape, Indian Vases in Marble, Indian clocks - Decoration in Marble

Marble decoration objects from the Rajasthan region (India) to seize quickly!

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