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Silver jewellery

First of all as a jewelry wholesaler in France, we now start selling our products to individuals in order to give you the benefit of our very reasonable prices as well as our multitude of silver jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendantsets, pendants) for all ages: man, woman, teenager and also for all occasions (party, birthday, Christmas, gift, evening ...). You can find here all our jewls collection with and without stones so just go through this category and find your silver jewellery small price with or without stones.

Illustration of the rich know-how of our Indian craftsmen, our collection of 925 sterlling silver jewelry highlights the beauty of the work carried out on the frames and the quality stones set on them as per requirement because in some case there are no stone used for jewellery.

We offer a wide range of rhodium-plated and non-rhodium-plated 925 sterlling silver jewelry (solid silver) set with natural stones, for all tastes, classic or more ethnic silver jewelry, all handcrafted in India, a country renowned throughout the world for the quality of its jewelry, its stones and the know-how of its craftsmen specializing in jewelry since long time.

Silver is an alloy that is particularly popular with jewelers. Our Indian artisans have let their imagination run free and used their ancestral know-how to offer you superb creations. We select the models and stones on site with the greatest care in order to bring you high quality silver jewelry.
Some models are from our own creations and made in collaboration with our craftsmen from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Adopt quality jewelry loaded with meaning to wear solo or stacked with our other silver jewelry.
You will inevitably find the jewel of your dreams or the ideal gift !

Discover our categories of silver jewelry coming straight from India.

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Find a wide choice of jewelry on the online jewelry store and discover all our trendy jewelry to offer, simply to please yourself or your loved one ! ...