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Indian Silver Jewelry

The Indians are recognized worldwide for their extra ordinary creations in the field of jewelry.

They attach importance to jewelry, like no other country in the world, so they have created for virtually all parts of the body, like bracelets, anklets jewelry, rings, necklaces, rings for the nose, jewelry for special festival, etc ...

Indian girls can not imagine life without jewelry at the present time it can be artificial. The jewel is part of an Indian girl. With gold, the Indian women consider silver as an auspicious metal.
The history of the country said that in ancient times, silver coins were used as currency in India and the countries around the world. Silver jewelry has always been popular.
Jewelry is an art. With the changing times, trends in jewelry has also changed.
India is a country particularly rich in precious and semi-precious stones. They are appreciated by the Indians as well for their esthetic benefits, and for their therapeutic properties.
Quality jewelry, genuine creations and natural stone jewelry made in India unique and full of meaning for indians.

A particular stone can be chosen for reasons other than its only attraction. According to Hindu astrology, each of the nine planets in the universe is represented by a Hindu specific stone. Every Indian knows the planet dominant at the time and date of his birth as it is supposed to have a strong influence on the life of this person. From the ancient times,
gems were seen as divine signs. You will surely find your stone.

India has always been one of the major centers of trade in gems and other precious stones.

For centuries, the rocks are used in medicine, called Lithotherapy.
The stones have conveyed the energy in the body and the force that would bring their own would be to restore the balance of body-soul-spirit. She works primarily on our energy centers, called chakras.
The energy of the stones is related to their chemical composition, color and shape.
It would improve the dysfunction in the body, reducing blockages and tensions and thus promote the vital energies of the body. The stones would act also on the sensitivity of color.
The benefits are specific to each kind of stone.
You will discover their properties by going to each one of them.

Art Monie India course lets you have your own opinion, based on beliefs. Come now discover his collection of indian jewelry with stones. You can find indian silver jewelry like rings, earrings,bracelets, pendants, pendant sets jewelry, imported directly from Jaipur (India). All the photos were taken in the light of day, which explains some reflections or slight differences luminosity. No changes were made ​​voluntarily by software. Because of natural stone, some stone colors may vary slightly, due also to the brightness. If the model is exhausted or no longer available in your size, let us know by e.mail on A possible solution could be found to satisfy your request as soon as possible.

Art Monie India now wish you a good visit and do not hesitate to make you happy or to please your family or your friends, combining the beauty of the indian jewel of the benefits that can bring fast rock which composes it. All these jewels fit for all occasions, for everyday life wear, for an evening or perhaps for a gift for a special occasion.

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