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Tiger Eye jewelry

Tiger Eye jewelry

Among our jewelry from India, this attractive collection of silver jewelery and Tiger Eye is available. All these jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets) are designed by craftsmen, the solid silver frames were fashioned with finesse by our Indian artisans. This is the place to buy beautiful Indian jewelry while doing great business.


Color: Black with veins of iron oxide yellow and golden brown.

Associated astrological signs: Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Cancer.

Main deposits: Burma, India, South Africa, USA, Western Australia

The Tiger Eye is one of the great family of quartz. This is a golden brown quartz aggregate, stone-colored striped brown embedded in quartz, giving it the unique color. Its golden yellow stripes allow for shimmering effects and is very sensitive to acids.


Influences and virtues: Protective stone, traditionally worn as a talisman against curses, the "Eye of the Spirit" would protect thieves, bring clarity and humility to achieve self-fulfillment and find happiness, warmth and protection. The tiger eye develop a sense of friendship and loyalty. She also alleviate depression by loading the emotional body into energy. It tempers the action of bacteria in infections. Finally, the Tiger Eye would help overcome the difficulties, financial problems and give courage. It is said that the stone of courage.

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