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Garnet jewelry

Garnet jewelry

Handcrafted Indian jewels of quality are presented to you. Our craftsmen used totally natural garnets, as well as solid silver for the frames. Discover now our Indian rings, earrings, pendants, pendants set, necklaces ... at low prices.


Color : yellow to red through green and black color depends on the chemical elements that constitutes it

Associatedastrological signs : Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, GeminiAccording to Indian tradition, the Lion

Main deposits : SriLanka, Brazil, India, Kenya, Russia, Zimbabwe, Canada,United States 

The garnet belongs to the family of minerals. Itcan range from transparent to opaque.

Jewelry  : It is used in jewelry for thousands of years. 


Influences and virtues : It is said that this stone possesses all the virtues and powers assigned to other stones. It used to be aprotective talisman, supposed to warn of impending danger.Garnet is, according to popular belief, supposed to protect theinjury and poison, stop bleeding, symbolizing truth and loyalty,and bring prosperity. The red garnets would act on infections, depression, regulate the flow of blood due to its high iron content. Garnet also calm the pain of osteoarthritis and regulate bowel function. This gem cleanse and balance the energy in the body, providing strength and daring, andpassionate love. It would also overcome the sadness in alleviating the emotional disharmony. It is said also that the stone of commitment, concentration and promoting projects.Stone of fidelity and friendship, it is also said that the stone of wealth.

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