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Crafts in India is still sacred, thanks to their remarkable skills passed down from generation to generation.
The skills and craftsmanship is transmitted only between families of craftsmen. The Indians have a wide variety of traditional knowledge. They use materials such as fabrics, leather, metals and alloys as a source of inspiration, and then turn them into products. These artisans use their knowledge manuals, using simple tools, while good laboratory that have been passed down from generation to generation.
The craft is spread across different states, these areas will be quoted depending on the products selected.
The journeys are made throughout the year to select new products, according to new trends (colors, fabrics, shapes, prints). Close collaboration with local craftsmen in India (construction drawings and sketches for certain products and subsequently transmitted to the artisans) was also established.
The quality of work and trust are the two essential elements in my company policy.
My partner is Indian and being wholesaler of jewellery, if you are professional,do not hesitate to contact us by e.mail on contact@artmonieindia.fr. Your requirement will be done in the shortest possible time.

FREE Shipping Rates from 40€ purchases in France. Shipping costs in France: 5 € 90 till 40€ purchaseFrom 20 € of purchases: FREE GIFT

Watch, enjoy, choose all what you want and you will be involved in maintaining their exceptional knows and you enable them to improve their living conditions.