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The Importance of Hindu Astrology in India

The Importance of Hindu Astrology in India

The belief in astrology of Hindu Indians in their daily life

It helps us to become better


Mixing elements of civilization of ancient India, also called Vedic science, and Greek astrological system, the accurate astrology our strengths and weaknesses.

Hindu astrology in their daily life - Indian stone jewelry.

In India, astrology is very important in everyday life (for weddings, professional life ...), which is why most of the population regularly consults an astrologer who can be the part of family or private.

For consultation, the chart of astrology is necessary, it is done using the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

Depending on the chart, the astrologer determines the stone that the person concerned must wear, to provide the necessary energy to overcome obstacles, this explains why Indian wear a lot of jewelry with stones ( mens and womens).


January 15 to February 13

First Hora : Goat

2nd Hora : Crocodile

Construction !

He is patient and determined, demanding and courageous, and wants to build his life on a solid foundation. The combination of goat and crocodile symbolizes water and land, feedstock in the manufacture of old bricks.

The Makara is very extroverted but requires time. Among the Hindus, the Goat is "mother of the world", manhood is his favorite period. Crocodile is the second part of the sign is an inventor.


February 14 to March 14

First Hora : Peacock

2nd Hora : Dragon

Communicate !

He is very sociable, communication is a necessity and this is his first quality.

It is available, tolerant, curious and very attentive to the opinions of others. The Kumbha is often anxious, hates to plan for the future, which is why he enjoys the moment.

The Hora Dragon enhances its character and execution capabilities.


March 15 to April 14

First Hora : Carpe

2nd Hora : Narwhal

Sensitivity, subtlety !

The sign of Horas Meena are two fish.

They represent modesty, kindness, altruism.

It is both discreet and secret, and sometimes rather impressionable dreamer.

The first part of the sign develops subtlety and intuition, it is stronger than the Narwhal.

Indeed, the Narwhal is more fragile, they need to be reassured, but does not hesitate to embark provided.


April 15 to May 15

First Hora : Aries

2nd Hora : Boar

Act !

Mesha is always voluntary and flying and a bit impulsive.

It is excellent in emergency situations and is able to lead.

In India, it is considered a sign fertile, fiery and financially generous.

It can sometimes be aggressive because of his uncontrolled energy.

Wild boar (second part of the sign) is more pragmatic than Aries, more secret but more selective.


May 16 to June 16

First Hora : Buffalo

2nd Hora : Black Bull

Appetite for life !

He is calm and sensual, very helpful and full of common sense.

It's a good living, contemplative, but not quickly get upset if he is frustrated and hate that we put across the road. He knows how to use all its power to overcome obstacles.

He provides help and protection.

The more we advance in the sign over the black bull turns arrogant and brutal. It is very difficult to handle.


June 17 to July 16

First Hora : Black Horse and Rider

2nd Hora : White Horse and Rider

Manipulation or fine psychology !

The Mithum is a dual sign: unpredictable, unstable and curious, playful or provocative, white or black ... It is bright and mischievous, without bad intentions.

Adaptability, the art of analyzing situations make him an ace relationship. He handles words with great ease.

The black knight is seductive, impatient and manipulative.

The white knight, it is wise discernment made him a psychologist warned, guide or advise appreciated.


July 17 to August 17

First Hora : Crab

2nd Hora : Gazelle

Sensitivity !

The Karka is very sensitive, it tends to be addressed before it is capricious when he is wounded, and is housed in a secure environment such as his family. It avoids any risk taking outside. This is a character who is running nice feeling, moods vary according to their moods.

The gazelle is more naive and too trusting sometimes.


August 18 to September 17

First Hora : Elephant - Tiger

2nd Hora : Lion

Power !

The Simha is both powerful and ferocious as its first Hora. This is an uncompromising character, and ambitious go-getter, do not deal with rules and tries to take advantage of the opportunities available to him. He does not like to go unnoticed and even less that he was walking on the feet.

The lion fears much less danger and faces obstacles without fear. It is also proud of its presence eyeful.

Hindus like to remind Simha neither glory nor intolerance enrich the human soul.


September 18 to October 17

First Hora : Turtle

2nd Hora : Bee

Serious and useful !

The Kanya is a character very cautious and organized. It attaches to detail, logic and common sense to minimize risk. He likes to be helpful and is seen as a reliable and efficient partner.

The bee is more spontaneous, willing to take initiative and reactive, it is less worried.

It is said also very intelligent, able to explain many things.


October 18 to November 16

First Hora : Elephant God

2nd Hora : Serpent

Harmony !

The Tula is sociable, delicate and subtle.

At the very image of smiling joker and the elephant God paunch (which is supposed to destroy the obstacles and bring success), his kindness and friendliness like, he also lends stability qualities.

Hindu astrology encourages yet to be bolder, more going forward.

The second part of the sign is the snake loves art and beauty.

It would also tend to not learn from his mistakes and to repeat a little too often, it would have a tendency to bite like a snake's tail.


November 17 to December 16

First Hora : Black Scorpion

2nd Hora : Flamboyant Serpent

Impulses, passions !

The Vrischika is instinct. He needs everything to live fully, to listen to his instincts, desires, preference passion. It has no limits.

The Black Scorpion is introverted and rebellious, always ready to criticize or attack.

Snake flaming is part of the second sign (mythical creature with wings and claws of rapacious diamond) is unpredictable and independent acts with finesse, it is clever and intelligent.


December 17 to January 14

First Hora : Centaur

2nd Hora : Unicorn

Rise !

The Dhanu is energetic, enthusiastic and open-minded. It can grow through a real life project. He wants to be bigger and taller than the others, so it should not take the opportunity to win.

Hindu astrology lends him the ability to do great things, but only if it is more selfish selfless.

The Dhanu is a very attractive personality, so it can sometimes take. It should take a few lessons of wisdom before truly realize.

In the second part of the sign, its sensitivity is more subtle and fair.

Hindu astrology helps to understand and overcome the trials of life

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