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Indian Jewelry Collection in Silver and labradorite - Handcrafted Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry Collection in Silver and labradorite - Handcrafted Indian Jewelry

Indian ornaments in sterling silver and natural labradorite - Cheap Jewelry

Labradorite stone pendant sets in real silver 925/1000

Indian natural labradorite stone pendant sets with silver 925/1000


Browse the collection of silver and labradorite stone sets from our Indian jewelry store.
Labradorite stone is a mystical stone, full of powerful energy.
Labradorite stone sublimate silver jewellery, giving them a unique character by giving them a special shine.

Wear a labradorite stone set, a jewel that will illuminate your face

A labradorite stone adornment is both aesthetic, elegant and protective. It is unlike any other by the iridescent effects of its unique stones, by its soft colors of pearly white with bluish reflections. The labradorite stone set can easily be combined with other jewelry, whether with the same stone or a stone such as garnet, labradorite, amethyst... You are spoiled for choice in our Indian shop in online.
By wearing a labradorite stone adornment, in addition to the aesthetic side, it brings you a powerful positive energy, which acts for your well-being.
By going to the page dedicated to this stone of our blog, you will know more about this fascinating gem.

Our silver and labradorite stone sets, chic and dazzling jewelry

Here you will find our selection of Indian silver and labradorite stone adornments, adornments set with luminous stones highlighted by the brilliance of the silver frames. The frames have been meticulously crafted by our Indian craftsmen with ancestral know-how. These Indian adornments in natural labradorite stone will bewitch you with the rays of this mysterious stone due to a phenomenon of adularescence, its virtues as well as by their pretty frames worked by hand. Our labradorite stone are perfectly authentic, all checked one by one before setting on the silver settings.

Labradorite stone is a gem that easily harmonizes with other stones, many other jewels in various natural stones are also presented to you, we let you discover them more closely and complete your labradorite stone adornment.

Jewelry at unbeatable prices, take advantage of our price reductions to offer you beautiful Indian jewelry. Giving a jewel is always a pleasure, think about it too. All our Indian jewelry comes with a small craft bag to store it.

Indian jewels set with natural labradorites - Handmade ornaments

Model: PA-PL-1125
- Real silver Pendant set 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of a pair of earrings, cabochon, on a mount in silver worked - Size of an earring (clip not included): 35mm x 18mm approx - Size&nbs..
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