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Indian silver and cultured pearl rings - handcrafted india jewelry

Indian silver and cultured pearl rings - handcrafted india jewelry

Handcrafted Rings Made in India - Silver Jewelry and Cultured Pearl

A pearl set on a solid silver ring brings elegance to this indian jewel. Pearl is appreciated for its soft colors, reflections and iridescent appearance. By using solid silver for the frames, these jewels have a harmonious rendering.

Our Indian artisans have crafted discreet rings, while adding a touch of fantasy on the frames by manually making light patterns. Other handcrafted sterling silver jewels set with natural pearl are also available in our Indian shop (earrings, necklaces and pendants). This is the time to enjoy our small prices to please you or offer a beautiful Indian jewel to a loved one.

Indian Rings In India, women's rings are worn on all fingers, including thumbs, and rings set with stones are everywhere. Our silver rings and pearl are entirely handmade. It's time to treat yourself.

Model: BG-NAPERL-01
- Silver ring 925/1000 - Made in Jaipur (INDIA) - Stone crimped, cabochon, round - Size of stone: 11mm in diameter approx - Delivered with a small craft bag..
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