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Indian Earrings Labradorite - Indian Jewelry to seize quickly

Indian Earrings Labradorite - Indian Jewelry to seize quickly

Handcrafted jewelry in India - Sterling silver and Labradorite earrings

Labradorite stone earrings in real silver 925/1000

Indian natural labradorite stone earrings with silver 925/1000


The Indian jewelery store Art Monie India offers you elegant Labradorite stone earrings, earrings combining refinement through the work carried out on the frame and discretion through its white color with yellow/bluish reflections.

Moonstone earrings, softness and elegance for these feminine jewels

Our craftsmen have been able to enhance this pretty fine stone, all our stones have been selected, polished and meticulously set on real silver mounts to offer you high quality jewelry.

The softness and elegance of this stone give a chic and classy look to these silver and Labradorite stone jewels. The genuine silver setting, neutral and cold tone, highlights the pearly and beauty of this Labradorite stone. The design of the earrings allows the light to pass through in order to highlight these translucent white stones with their iridescent reflections. By wearing labradorite stone earrings, you will be refined, elegant and radiate energies.

Wear labradorite stone earrings from our Indian jewelry store

The silver and labradorite stone earrings in our online store will seduce women looking for this kind of iridescent natural stone which brings softness and originality to these jewels.
Lovers of Labradorite stone jewellery, you will find dangling earrings here, some with fine mounts or others with more imposing and worked mounts.

These unique sparkle labradorite stone earrings are elegant and lightweight to wear, various designs with various stone shapes to suit all tastes. They will be all the rage on you or on a person to whom you offer them.

In summary, labradorite stone earrings will adorn the ears and beautify the face of the person who wears them. They will also adapt to all styles of clothing as well as all the other labradorite stone jewelry you wish to wear. The designs of these earrings can easily be combined with our other labradorite stone jewelry in our shop to form an affordable set.

Renowned for its many virtues that you can find in our article dedicated to the Labradorite stone of our blog, you will benefit at the same time from its benefits and you will not be able to part with it.

You will be seduced by these pretty Indian earrings in silver and natural Labradorite

Model: BO-PL-332P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Each composed of 3 cut stones, set on a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved rod that is hung in the ear - Size of e..
Model: BO-PL-08P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each of a large stone, cabochon, set in a frame of solid silver. Hammered silver around the stone  - Fasteners: hook, consisting of ..
Model: BO-PL-13E
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each a stone cabochon, set in a frame of solid silver  - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved rod that is hung&nb..
Model: BO-PL-170
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each of three stones Labradorite by faceted hand, set on a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long&..
Model: BO-PL-186
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each a small square stone, cabochon, at the bottom of the earring, set in a frame of solid silver  - Fasteners: hook, consisting of ..
Model: BO-PL-299
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Each composed of six stones, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: chips that can give the impression that they "..
Model: BO-PL-2P-06
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each of a large square stone, cabochon, set on a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: stud earrings resembling hooks with additional ..
Model: BO-PL-330P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each a stone round cabochon, set in a frame of solid silver worked - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved rod tha..
Model: BO-PL-331P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each of two stones Labradorite cabochon, set on a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved&nb..
Indian silver jewellery - Indian Labradorite Earrings
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Model: BO-PL-333
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Each composed of 8 stone shapes and sizes, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame - Fasteners: chips that can give the impressi..
Model: BO-PL-397P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each a stone round cabochon, set in a frame of solid silver worked - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved rod tha..
Model: BO-PL-398P
- Silver earrings true 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made each a rectangular stone, hand cut, set in a frame of solid silver - Fasteners: hook, consisting of a long curved rod that&nbs..
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