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Indian jewels to seize - Pearl indian pendants set

Indian jewels to seize - Pearl indian pendants set

Sterling silver and pearl jewels - Indian pendants set

These silver pendants set and cultured pearls will make you an elegant and chic woman at any time of the day. These Indian pendants set give you class and style. The mother of pearls with its iridescent reflections brings a touch of softness to these jewels. These silver and mother-of-pearl jewels belong to the traditional ancestral know-how of our Indian craftsmen.

All Indian jewelry found in our Indian jewelery is loaded with meaning and made of quality materials such as solid silver and natural stones. We wanted all our handcrafted jewelry to be very affordable so that everyone has the chance to wear it.

Very interesting prices for these Indian silver and pearl jewels, pendants set to seize now

Model: PA-NAPERL-17
- Real silver Pendant set 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of a pair of earrings, on a mount in silver worked - Size of an earring (clip included): 35mm x 11mm approx - Size of Pearl: 11..
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