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Handcrafted Indian Jewelry - Silver Indian Bracelets and Labradorite

Handcrafted Indian Jewelry - Silver Indian Bracelets and Labradorite

Solid Silver Bracelets Set with Natural Labradorite - Indian Made

Labradorite stone bracelets in real silver 925/1000

Indian natural labradorite stone bracelets with silver 925/1000


Discover our collection of silver and labradorite stone bracelets, a stone of femininity and softness, highly sought after both in lithotherapy and in jewelry.
The adularescence of the labradorite stone brings additional charm and originality to these handcrafted jewels.

Wear a labradorite stone bracelet, elegance on your wrist

By the colors and luminous reflections of the labradorite stone, these bracelets have an extraordinary rendering.
There is no special occasion to wear a labradorite stone bracelet.
A jewel that is both elegant and discreet, it can be worn for an evening as well as for going to work. By wearing a labradorite stone bracelet, a sacred labradorite stone in India, you benefit from the positive energetic and aesthetic effects of this stone.

Colorless crystalline stone in pastel tones, the color of labradorite stone is an asset. Indeed, you can easily wear a labradorite stone bracelet, this jewel goes perfectly with almost all colors of clothing.

Our silver and labradorite stone bracelets, chic jewelry to discover

Find in this collection bracelets designed in genuine silver and unprocessed natural labradorite stone.
All our stones set on our jewelry have been selected one by one by hand and special attention has been paid to each piece of jewelry to guarantee their quality. Our bracelets are entirely handmade by Indian artisans, specializing in jewelry with stones.

To benefit from the benefits of labradorite stone, all our silver jewelry and stones are open at the back of the silver setting so that the skin is in contact with the stone.
You will find the benefits of labradorite stone by consulting the page dedicated to this stone on our blog.
Thanks to its natural stones and its adularescence, each labradorite stone bracelet is unique.
You can easily wear one of these labradorite stone bracelets with other silver jewelry set with natural stones such as rings, earrings... If you want to compose your own set, you will be spoiled for choice among the various collections of labradorite stone jewelry from the Art Monie India boutique.

Find the bracelet of your dreams now and also create your own look by browsing our other collections. labradorite stone jewels are accessories to wear and to offer!

Take advantage of our low prices to buy Indian silver bracelets and Labradorite.

Model: BR-PL-09
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made up of three stones two different shapes, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame.  Adjustable strap. - Total length of ..
82.80€ 92.00€
Model: BR-PL-17
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of seven stones 3 different shapes, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length of bracel..
97.20€ 108.00€
Model: BR-PL-18
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of three square-shaped stones, 2 different sizes, cabochon, set with a sterling silver frame. Adjustable Bracelet. - Total length&nb..
100.80€ 112.00€
Model: BR-PL-2955
- Real silver bracelet 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Made up of nine stones, faceted by hand crimped on a sterling silver frame. Adjustable strap. - Total length of bracelet: 20.5cm approx - S..
68.40€ 76.00€
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