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Information about India - An unforgettable trip

Information about India - An unforgettable trip

Information about India, a country that deserves to be known



Art Monie India wishes you a quick tour of this beautiful country that is India, to make you discover it and give you the urge to go for those who do not yet know, or rediscovering those who have had the chance to go there one day and why not encourage you to return. Indeed, several visits are essential to discover and enjoy this great country. You have some good contacts to discover India well and especially in safety which is very essential for a successful trip : Travel agency 1, Travel agency 2, Travel agency 3, Travel agency 4 (are part of MSK travel group )


Orange: Hinduism, courage and sacrifice
White: purity and peace
Green: Islam and fertility
Middle: the wheel or cycle of life with 24 rays (solar disc of Vishnu) representing the hour of the day.

History (Main Events)
- First known civilizations (5000-1600 BC): the Bhils and Meena of Rajasthan, the first invasions of the Aryans (the Nobles)
- Arrival of the Muslims from 711
- Mughal Era (1526-1707)
- Presence in Europe (1498-1857)
- Start of the British kingdom (1857-1885)
- Period to Independence (1885-1947)
- Adoption of the Constitution January 26, 1950, the date celebrated annually as Republic Day
- Early 1970 to May 1991 (assassination of Gandhi), time of Gandhi: Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi succeeded his father Nahru then Rajiv Gandhi, chosen by Congress in 1984, will succeed his mother until his assassination.
- From 1991, the arrival of Rao (former foreign minister under Gandhi) as Prime Minister, India is becoming a new world power
- Since 1998, relations with Pakistan are strained. The reasons for these tensions are entering India in the nuclear powers (nuclear)
- Since 2003, relations between the two countries are better.

Its length from north to south is about 3050 km to 2950 km from east to west.
The Indian subcontinent is divided into three units: the Himalayas (which is the highest in the world with an average altitude of 6000 m and peaks over 7000 m, the great plain of India (which extends over 3200 km between the Ganges and the Indus and a width of 150 to 300 km) and The great Indian Plateau which extends towards the south.
Rajasthan is one of the largest states of the Indian Union. It covers an area of ​​342,000 km2 (about two thirds of France). Delhi, capital of the Indian Union, is located 260 km northeast of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.


A very cold winter, a sunny spring, one summer when it is hot, then heavy rains and a pleasant autumn.
From June to September, huge quantities of water fall to the Indian Territory (essential for agriculture), but the amount is much lower in Rajasthan.

Many gods are associated with animals: Brahma with the deer, Vishnu with Lion and the Cobra, Shiva and Ganesh with the bull, eternal symbol of wisdom, is half man and half elephant.
Rajasthan is home to many wildlife species. The tiger is the most famous, can also be found in natural parks panthers, wolves, jackals and bears among many others. In cities and in rural areas, you may encounter monkeys, macaques in red and languid behind the white coat and black face. The camel is the animal emblem of Rajasthan and the elephant is found here and domestication. You can see above in Jaisalmer and Bikaner in the field of tourism.

Teak, used for a long time for decoration and furniture is in the mountains of southern Rajasthan. The northwest of Rajasthan has very little vegetation, we can still find some fruits such as bananas, oranges, mangoes, in some oases.

India must be the country where the mixture of peoples and races is the largest.
This is the second most populous country in the world with 1.21 billion inhabitants, in March 2011.
You have certainly heard of caste in India.
Indeed, there are four castes: the Brahmins (priests), the Kshettriya (warriors), the Vaishiyas (merchants) and Shudra (laborers).

The Jati (births) correspond to business activities (weavers, potters ...) or sometimes ethnic. The outcastes or untouchables are considered unclean by other communities. These are social rituals that date back thousands of years and that continue, despite the adoption in 1950 of the Modern Constitution which does not officially recognize the caste system.

The population is composed of:
82% Hindu, 12% Muslim, 2.4% Christian, 2% Sikh, 0.7% Buddhist, 0.5% Jains, Zoroastrians, Jews ...

Architecture in Rajasthan:
In cities, you will discover magnificent palaces, mosques, temples and tombs. In the countryside, you will have the opportunity to visit Ranakpur Jain temples or Dilwara or havelis (mansions large wooden décor, sculptures, murals ...) belonging to the era of rich merchants.

Examples of Craftsmanship:
- The jewels are traditionally nomadic tribes especially, the shape of the safest investment.
Men and women cover it extensively, be it rings, earrings, medals, bracelets, necklaces and only for women from marriage, nose rings. From an early age, children are well.

- The objects carved in sandalwood, rose and teak are very famous in India.
The artisans produce statues, toys, bas-reliefs ... The Marble is also used to make decorative objects.

The traditional dress:
In rural areas, women wear a long skirt (ghagra or lehanga) and Bolero (choli or kanchli) leaving the stomach appear. In the presence of men outside the family, they often cover the head, shoulders and chest with a veil called orhni.
The peasants wear the traditional dhoti is a white cotton cloth wrapped around the waist and legs.
In cities, the majority of married women wear the sari, which is about 5 feet long. Men adopt more Western clothes. They still held a traditional kurta-pajama is made up of a shirt falling off mid-thigh and knee and wide trousers. The Churidar is also worn by men, is a kind of baggy pajamas on the thighs and legs tightened.

Paints: They express the scenes of life, facts and experiences in India.
The Pottery: Made by skilled Indian potters, their products are both decorative and functional.
Carpets in India are recognized worldwide for their excellent wool, their many colors, the originality of their designs and their high quality.
The Textiles: woven silks are renowned for their softness, their bright colors and texture.

The Indian film industry is based in Bombay (over 600 films per year). Bollywood style (the music and the songs are as important as images) is very important culturally.

Dance is also very important in India. In large public gatherings, festivals or pilgrimages, you can meet some Indian group who will perform traditional dances.

India has produced great works of literature, philosophy and religion.
Indian literature dates back several millennia.

Rajasthan is the center of Indian classical music. It produces great musicians, great schools located there and the very first artists were born there.

The Indian Cuisine:
You will find below some Indian specialties:
Chapatti or roti: This is a cake of wheat, also called built in Rajasthan
Naan: It's a cake flour baked with butter, milk, and cheese
Masala: Fry in oil the staple food with spices (essential)
Lassi is a yogurt liquid that is sometimes mixed with crushed fruit
Poor: It's a donut to a fine paste, which is usually served with vegetables
Tandoori: Any recipe baked (tandoor) clay and shaped jar.
Mainly, they are found in chicken cut into pieces and boneless.
It must be left to marinate overnight in a yogurt with spices, and then you spend baking.
The Kheer: Rice pudding with raisins and cashew nuts
Tea: Often accompanied by milk, sugar and spices (ginger, cardamom, cinnamon)
Spices: India dominates the global spice trade with 30% market share. They are derived from plants and roots, bark, flowers ...



Art Monie India has tried to summarize the most of the country. There are of course many more things to tell you about India. If you like, continue to read about this country, for travelers going to meet its people, and religious, is the ideal country for a spiritual quest.
When you return, you always come back changed.

Overview of this beautiful country that is India - history, crafts ...

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