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Indian jewelry sterling silver and natural stones at cheap

Indian jewelry sterling silver and natural stones at cheap

Original silver jewelry made with finesse by our Indian craftsmen

Among the selection of Indian jewelry that you can discover in our indian online store, Art Monie India offers a range of products available for your enjoyment. Whether it's rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces or even ornaments, you have a wide choice with a unique and chic style of handcrafted jewelry.

Discover original and handcrafted jewelry

Carefully crafted by artisans, wearing one of our pieces of jewelry will bring a trendy and original style to all of your day's outfits. Most items have natural stones from deposits around the world with unique properties unlike any other stone. Whether the mineral is streaked, speckled, crystalline or even with nuances of colors, each piece of jewelry will offer you a remarkable and unequaled side.

You will be able to choose the stone as well as the color which suits you best and which will perfectly adapt to your desires and needs.

A unique jewel with natural and elegant stones

If you are looking for Indian jewelry, discover the whole collection with natural minerals offering beneficial properties and virtues. When making a silver jewel, one or more polished stones are encrusted in the material, the jewel is made with care and by hand by Indian craftsmen.

The addition of natural stones such as rose quartz, tiger's eye and citrine have been used in jewelry for thousands of years by cultures around the world. Attractive thanks to the colors and different properties of the gemstones, they are carefully selected to highlight the entire jewel with elegance and precision.

Now is the time to take advantage of our low prices to acquire Indian silver jewelry and quality stones.

You will certainly find the jewel which corresponds to you or which corresponds to the person who is dear to you among our handcrafted silver jewels adorned with natural stones.

The art of jewelry among the Indians is an ancestral art imbued with values. They also attach great importance to the virtues of natural stones, which magnify silver jewelry. Silver, by its light color, combines perfectly with them. Silver jewelry is considered auspicious.

Art Monie India, expert in Indian silver jewelry with natural stones (graduated from a gemology school in Jaipur (my hometown) in India), offers collections full of character. You will find here all the ancestral know-how of an authentic people mixed with modernity today. Birthstones are of particular interest to stone lovers and the association of stones with the months of the year dates back centuries.

We have put together a selection of jewelry that we hope you will like. Come and discover them now and at the same time your birthstone. You will acquire on our site magnificent silver jewelry with stones at unbeatable prices. We have selected a large selection of silver jewelry with semi-precious stones such as amethyst jewelry, spectrolite jewelry, turquoise jewelry, labradorite jewelry ... Indian jewelry in fine and discreet handcrafted silver, as well as jewelry with more imposing settings and natural stones. You will find silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants ... made up of different shapes of stones (round, oval, rectangular, square) on beautifully handcrafted frames. All our Indian jewels is open at the back of the frame so that the stones are in contact with the skin, in order to benefit from their benefits.

All photos were taken in daylight. No modification has been made voluntarily on software. Some stone colors may vary slightly due to the effect of light and due to natural stones.

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Wide choice of Indian silver jewelry with various natural stones: Rings, pendants ...

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