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Indian jewelry handmade - Silver pendants set decorated with Peridot

Indian jewelry handmade - Silver pendants set decorated with Peridot

Handmade Indian pendants set in sterling silver and natural Peridot

Peridot stone pendant set in real silver 925/1000

Indian natural peridot stone pendant set with silver 925/1000


An Indian jewel adorned with stones transmits a story, through the work carried out on it thanks to the ancestral traditional know-how of quality of our Indian craftsmen and by the virtues of fine stone. The transparent green color of the peridot makes these silver and peridot jewelry warm and bright.

Our Indian pendants set, finely worked in real and peridot silver, will enhance your natural beauty. You will be resplendent with these Indian jewels. These silver and peridot sets are elegant and will make a nice gift idea for a person you love very much. The little extra, a handcrafted Indian bag will be delivered for each piece of jewelry purchased to facilitate storage. Our Indian shop also offers many other handcrafted products at very attractive prices, quality craftsmanship not to be missed. It's time to have fun !

Indian handmade silver and natural Peridot pendants set (eye-catching stone)

India silver jewellery - Indian Peridot Pendant Set
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Model: PA-PE-02
- Real silver Pendant set 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of a pair of earrings, faceted stones by hand, on a mount in silver 925/1000 - Size of an earring (clip not included): 45mm x 16mm app..
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