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The origin of Indian jewelry - Silver and metal jewelry

The origin of Indian jewelry - Silver and metal jewelry

The history and importance of jewelry for Indians

History of Indian Jewelry

Archaeological excavations have revealed that the Indians were creating gold jewelry, silver and precious stones from prehistorical times.The Mughals influenced the jewelry with their sculpting techniques developed, while the artisans of Rajasthan (the "Land of Kings") brought their enamelling technique.

Indian Land, the jewel symbolizes the beliefs, it is associated with wealth, power, social status, the caste, as well as beauty.
It is said that Indian jewelry has the power of gods and goddesses.
You can realize the importance of jewelry in India for thousands of years, through the Rajasthani havelis, the Mughal paintings, murals of Ajanta or bas-reliefs of Khajuraho.
Deities, richly dressed, goddesses dressed in saris, wearing necklaces, rings, nose rings, bracelets, anklets ... are shown to explain the history and culture of india.
You can also see that the Indian kings were adorned with sparkling stones of all colors, polished by their jewelers.

In Indian culture, the jewel is indispensable to the holding. From birth, jewelry offered according the sex of the child.
Indian women have always had a tradition to wear jewelry according to their dress, and their castes.

From the wedding, some jewelry made mandatory for married women, such as the jewel of head, wrist strap and a necklace is called "The mangal sutra" depicting the life of her husband. They withdraw only when the death of their spouses. According to the ancient history of India, after marriage ndian women bring prosperity in house, they also symbolize the goddess, which is why many jewelry available to them during their marriage.

You too can now enjoy a piece of history of India, with Indian jewelry that were done by hand using centuries old techniques.

Information about the origin, beliefs and importance of jewelry for Indians

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