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Jewelry made in India - Indian silver spectrolite set

Jewelry made in India - Indian silver spectrolite set

Indian craft jewelry - silver and spectrolite Pendants set

Let yourself be enchanted by these very pretty silver pendants set set with natural SpectrolitesThese jewels are sure to amaze you with the particular optical effects of this stone.


Spectrolite jewelry, handmade jewelry in India


You will appreciate the work done on the frames, meticulous and quality work. Spectrolite stone brings additional charm to these Indian jewelry. The iridescence of Spectrolite makes this special fine stone, a true miracle of nature that makes these silver jewels with stones so special.


Spectrolite jewelry, Indian creation jewelry with natural stones


Take the opportunity to discover our entire collection of Spectrolite jewelry, achievements made with taste and finesse thanks to the ancestral know-how of our Indian artisans.

If you like this very special stone, you will fall in love with our other jewels, you will have the choice between rings, bracelets, necklaces … Quality jewelry that just waits to be worn!

Indian pendants set in silver and spectrolite (very beautiful reflections), frames worked by hand

Model: PA-LAB-06
- Real silver Pendant set 925/1000 - Handmade in Jaipur (INDIA) - Composed of a pair of earrings, cabochon, on a mount in silver worked  - Size of an earring (clip not included): 20mm x 15mm approx - Si..
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