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Jewelry at low prices made in India in natural stones and metal

Jewelry at low prices made in India in natural stones and metal

Discover natural stones with beneficial properties and virtues

If you are looking for jewelry from India, you can find these small objects made with natural stones and metal or silver, offering beneficial properties. Wearing a jewel with a mineral will bring more aesthetics and an ethnic style to your outfit of the day.


You can discover a wide choice of stones corresponding to your zodiac sign. Whether it is jasper, lapis lazuli or even agathe, the different stones will have a positive influence on your body and your state of mind when they are worn.


The properties of the stones with their varied colors, striated or spotted, make them unique. They are carved in various shapes offering a range of choices. Lovers and collectors of natural stones will find their happiness thanks to the selection of minerals at low prices and available on our online indian store Art Monie India.


Choose a specific stone for your well-being


The Indian jewelry on offer has minerals from deposits that have been mined for millennia. These stones have an influence on several populations and tribes, but also on the body and the spirit. Each piece of jewelry is made with a certain know-how of Indian craftsmen.


The details offer a unique side that you will not find on other jewelry, which makes them out of the ordinary. The authenticity of the items available on our Art Monie India online store gives you a diverse choice to find the perfect piece of jewelry that suits your needs or matches your month of birth.


We offer you in this collection of beautiful jewelry handcrafted in India in natural stones and metal.

We have chosen steel which is a real alternative to silver and natural stones for their charm and therapeutic properties. Jewelry specially designed for lovers of stones and for those on a budget. Everyone has the right to beautiful Indian jewelry, seize this opportunity now.


Jewelry from India is a gift or a gift if you are looking for a gift idea for any occasion. Find all the models on our Art Monie India online store to fully enjoy the positive effects on your body and your mood.

Cheap jewelery from India, made of metal and natural stones, to discover here

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