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Indian Amber Rings from Poland - Cheap Jewelry

Indian Amber Rings from Poland - Cheap Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry from India - silver and amber from Poland rings

Amber rings for men / women

Indian natural amber rings for men / women


Here you will find genuine silver Indian rings set with natural amber. You will have the choice between green amber with small golden chips or yellow amber, all of our stones are of course natural.

Rings in Poland Amber, organic stone set on our rings for women

The solid silver frames have been meticulously worked by our Indian craftsmen and the stones set on them. These stones were created from fossilized resin after millions of years and then formed into a solid stone-like material.

Poland Amber jewelry, women's jewelry from our Indian jewelry store

Are you looking for other jewelry to compose your set, browse our other Poland Amber jewelry collections now.

You also want earrings, a pretty bracelet or a necklace, take advantage now of our low prices to acquire pretty quality Indian jewelry !

Indian silver rings and natural Polish amber that are waiting for you

Model: BG-AMB-01
- Silver ring true 925/1000 - Made in Jaipur (INDIA) - Peter crimped, cabochon, round  - Size of stone: 8mm approx in diameter - Possiblity to assemble a set with earrings Ref: BO-AMB-01, the bracelet Ref: ..
Model: BG-AMB-02
- Silver ring true 925/1000 - Made in Jaipur (INDIA) - Peter crimped, cabochon, oval  - Size of stone : 12mm x 6mm approx - Possiblity to assemble a set with earrings Ref: BO-AMB-02, the bracelet ..
Model: BG-AMB-03
- Silver ring true 925/1000 - Made in Jaipur (INDIA) - Peter crimped, cabochon, oval  - Size of stone : 13mm x 11mm approx - Option to assemble a set with earrings Ref: BO-AMB-03 and the bracelet ..
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